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Arsenal Football School


(now available for the girls, too!)

If there are more than 15 girls, a separate coach is assigned to the group. If there are fewer girls, they train alongside boys. The age group is 10-17 years. Kids train for 20 hours a week under the supervision of a highly qualified UEFA coaches. Kids study English for 15 hours a week

Luxury Ski Safari in Dolomites​


Spend an unforgettable week at the resorts of the Dolomites, skiing among the delightful snow-capped white-stone slopes and peaks and enjoying world-class ski tourism services!

Ayurvedic Program
"Detox & Cleansing"


SWASTHA – is a wellness program of detoxification and cleansing of the body, lasting from 14 days, created by doctors of the SwaSwara Self Discovery ayurvedic resort (India, Karnataka). A unique program that combines the basic principles of Naturopathy and Ayurveda.

TLT-TOUR offers private plane rentals, sports tourism, education abroad

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Tenerife -
island of eternal spring


Tenerife - the island of eternal spring - is located on the latitude of the Sahara desert and has a year-round warm climate. There is never a grueling heat, and it is comfortable to rest at any time of the year. The main attraction of Tenerife is Teide volcano. It is the symbol of Tenerife, depicted on its coat of arms. In the language of the Guanches, Teide means "snow mountain".

Snorkeling in Maldives


Bright flocks of fish, corals of all kinds of shapes and colors - when you first immerse in the Maldives, you discover a vast sea world. Here you won't find two identical places, coral reefs are whimsical, and underwater inhabitants amaze with variety. Fantastic pictures of underwater landscapes, surrounded by surprisingly clear water, make snorkeling in the Maldives a unique experience that can hardly be obtained elsewhere in the world.

Great Chinese River Cruise

Traveling to China is an immersion in the culture of an exotic country, rightfully considered one of the most mysterious places on earth. We bring to your attention a program made up of cruises on the great Chinese rivers - the Yangtze and Li. Gorges, caves, grottos, gardens of the imperial era and in contrast - skyscrapers and the frantic tempo of Shanghai's business life - this is an incomplete list of impressions and sights that await you on this trip.

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