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Travel Company For Hand-crafted Programs


Our main goal is to provide the highest level of service. You can contact our head office at any time and get advice, consultation and professional help.

In addition, TLT-Tour implements special programs: education and treatment abroad, exclusive participation in cultural and entertainment events: world premieres, colorful carnivals, festivals, balls and fashion shows. Tours on the Grand prix of Formula 1, the opportunity to visit the most famous sporting events - we do it all.

TLT-Tour organizes corporate tours and events as well.

Such programs include participation in the largest international forums: organization of trips to symposiums, congresses, conferences, as well as preparation and organization of corporate trips - seminars, trainings, gift trips for corporate employees.


TLT-Tour streamlines formal procedures at the embassies, maintains constant contact with foreign partners, promptly responding to all customer requests while abroad.

The foundation of our business is the quality of the services. We take full responsibility for the quality of the trip for each client. We don't tell our clients that his bad trip was the fault of the hotel, airline, bad weather, a tour guide, etc. Our client can be sure that in us he will always find mutual understanding and participation. To increase the quality of our services, we try to minimize the number of middle men in "client-service" chain. Personal responsibility in front of the client - this is the foundation of our business.


- Packaged Tours

- Airline tickets
- Train tickets
- Cruises
- Accommodations
- Visas
- Trasnportation
- Tours and excursions
- Insurance
- Security
- Complete tour maintenance


- Advice on destinations
- Distanced help and services
- Seasonal promotions
- Weekly newsletter with best offers
- Discounts and bonus programs

Contract-offer: download

Sample agreement: download

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